Design Process
Meridien Accents is a source for some of the world's finest hand made rugs and carpets. Our company was created to provide a source of hand-tufted rugs for the hospitality industry, but has grown much broader over time. Now, Meridien Accents provides custom hand-tufted rugs in the exact size and colors our customers need.  Our rugs are produced in India, China, Mexico and Nepal.

We service the following markets:
3, 4 and 5 Star Hotels, Residential Interior Design, Time-share and Resorts, Embassies, Corporate Executive Offices

The actual production of the carpets and rugs is an ancient process, made more efficient by breakthroughs in technology.  The computer-generated designs are sent electronically or by courier from our marketing and design offices in the United States to the mills for production.  The advent of computer design has made the placement of the intricate details often found in handmade rugs much easier and more precise.  The computer aided design is the template for the actual rug, reducing differences often found between the art work and the actual production in other handmade rugs.