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Design Process
The Meridax™ computer design system has made the process of selection simple.  Ordering a custom rug in the past involved selecting a pattern, waiting for a first rendering, selecting colors and waiting again.  After repeating the same steps in the inevitable reselection process, many frustrating weeks passed...weeks of waiting that designers in the demanding hospitality business can't afford.

Now, with Meridax™, the process is guided every step of the way by the most innovative system of sampling in the industry.
  • Select a rug design from the hundreds shown in the digital catalog.  Rugs are grouped by category - classic, contemporary, etc. to make your search easier.  New rug designs are being added weekly to the archive, so if you don't see the pattern you want, simply consult with the Meridien specialists at 866.342.0001 or [706.837.0008 outside of the United States].
  • Fill out the Submit Design form to notify Meridien of your choice of pattern.  Return the form to Meridien via mail, fax or email.  The Meridax™, a digital rendering, shows the position of the individual color groups in the rug and is also used to specify construction - either carved, cut, loop, tip sheared, beveled or other popular rug finishes.
  • Input your color selections as indicated on the form using our Meridien Accents custom pom set or several of the industry's most popular existing Pom sets.  Your colors will be input into our design computer to your specifications.  A Meridax™ will be returned to you via email or U.S. mail.
  • Return the Meridax™ with your approved signature and deposit for either the actual rug or a finished 2-foot by 2-foot sample.  Meridien will begin production.  Allow 2-4 weeks for production of a sample.
Best of all, Meridax™ rug designs are furnished at no charge, in quantities of up to 5 per project.